I am a mother, wife, and child who is determined to find a way to use my experiences to help others.  We are taught that God gives us all unique talents.  While we don’t pick our talents, it is how we use those talents that defines us.  I’ve heard it so many times that I have come to terms with at least one of my talents must be my ability to deal with heartbreak and loss.  Don’t let me pretend for one moment that this is a talent that I am proud of; however, when something stays on your mind and heart enough, you finally determine it’s time to do something with it.  Sometimes we must persevere through and play the card dealt to us.  I am in no way perfect; however, I hope that my story and experiences can help others know how to act & react to tragic situations.

P.S. I don’t plan for this to be all doom & gloom so don’t write me off just yet!

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